stages a fake launch; offends dozens

Grand Rapids, MI–

Dozens of online readers are reportedly upset today after contributors from the much anticipated website, allegedly staged a fake launch.

It has yet to be determined why such a green website with no e-clout would take such a risk. Contributors from the future site declined to comment.

Pork Hertylman of the Free Grand Rapids Review had this to say:

“The people of Grand Rapids are offended and hurt by the actions of Baseball For Dinner dot com and its affiliates and it is the opinion of this publication that a public and formal apology would do the future website a world of good at this time.”

Rickshaw Collins, a columnist from the popular Casual Wu Wei blog has suggested that this may be part of a new phenomenon taking shape in the world of cyberspace:

“We’re only beginning to witness signs of what may be a very real trend in the world of website launches. [Baseball For Dinner dot com] appears to be attempting to alienate readers and fans from the get-go to make waves before they even have any content up, a phenom we’re calling “premature subscriber agitation”. It’s too soon to tell whether the future sites that are adopting this combattive and aggressive model are onto something that’s going to take the web by storm, or just totally mental.”

While baseballfordinner dot com still has not explained the purpose behind their fake launch or announced an official launch date, potential subscribers’ curiousity has no doubt been piqued.

“I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day,” commented tentative BFD fan Miggle Farniky. “My doctor is really urging me to quit.”